About Us

Great Awakenings is a coffee shop that offers its guests a large range of products such as coffees, milkshakes, Ice cream, and pastries. This coffee shop is owned and currently run by Bill and Lisa Rodebaugh and their family. Bill and Lisa are parents of five children, four boys: Billy, Andrew, Jonathan, Luke, and a daughter, Katie Jo.

Great Awakenings’ vision is to serve as a light in the surrounding Frankford/Northwood community.  Through the years, there have been special events like birthday parties, concerts, and children book clubs.  It has hosted many community and church meetings, as well as being a polling location since the beginning.  It has been a helpful workplace for students and professionals in the area, and a place of employment for many neighbors. 

Great Awakenings opened in 2008. It began as primarily a coffee shop, but in 2009, Hershey’s Ice Cream was added. Almost six years after opening, there was a new child in the Rodebaugh family, Katie Jo, and also a decision to transition the operation of the shop to the Frunzi/Jablonowski family. They were always a friend of the shop and shared the same vision of Great Awakenings for the neighborhood. In August of 2014, the Frunzi/Jablonowski family began operating the shop and managed it faithfully for five years. Great Awakenings came full circle in June of 2019, as the Rodebaugh family has come back to operate the shop on a daily basis.

Great Awakenings is open every day of the week except Sunday.  It opens at 6 AM weekdays and 8 AM on Saturdays.  The evening hours vary with the season as well as whether there are special events or meetings taking place.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us!